Policy interpretation of the Action Plan for Comprehensively Improving Medical Quality (2023-2025).


1. Background

The quality and safety of medical care is directly related to the people's sense of gain, and is an important guarantee for people's health and the cornerstone of the development of health undertakings. Continuously improving medical quality and ensuring medical safety is the basic and core work to implement the strategic deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and promote the construction of a healthy China. To this end, the National Health Commission and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine have carried out activities that are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and have remarkable effects, such as the Hospital Management Year, the Medical Quality Journey, the "Three Good and One Satisfaction", the Action to Improve Medical Services, and the "Convenient to See Chinese Medicine, Use Chinese Medicine with Confidence, and Benefit the People with Good Chinese Medicine", which have played an important role in ensuring the quality and safety of medical care and safeguarding the health rights and interests of the people.

In recent years, as China has entered a new stage of development and the in-depth implementation of the Healthy China strategy, the quality of life of the people has been continuously improved, the health awareness has been continuously improved, and there are higher expectations and requirements for the quality of medical services. At the same time, there are still some weak links in the field of medical quality and safety, some system requirements have not been fully implemented, basic quality and safety need to be further consolidated, and the understanding and implementation of new development concepts and methods need to be strengthened. This requires us to formulate this action plan on the basis of our previous work, in accordance with the principle of inheritance and development, adhere to the system concept and integrity and innovation, base ourselves on the new stage of development, and closely follow the new situation and new tasks of high-quality development of public hospitals.

Second, the main content

Guided by Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, this action fully implements the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, practices the new development concept, comprehensively strengthens medical quality and safety management, and promotes the expansion and balanced layout of high-quality medical resources. 28 specific measures and 5 special actions were put forward from the dimensions of basic quality and safety management, key links and behavior management, and quality and safety management system construction. The main content includes three major aspects: First, strengthen the basic quality and safety management and consolidate the structural quality. Focusing on the organizational system, institutional system, and working mechanism of medical quality and safety management, as well as the core elements such as medical personnel, drugs and devices, and medical technology, guide medical institutions above the second level to improve and implement, and strive to strengthen the quality and safety management of weak links such as emergency, outpatient, day, surgery, and patient follow-up. The second is to strengthen the management of key links and behaviors and improve the quality of the process. Focusing on 10 aspects, including daily diagnosis and treatment behavior, patient assessment, three-level ward rounds, rational drug use, inspection and testing, medical record quality, consultation behavior, treatment of emergency and critical patients, patient safety management, and nursing services, medical institutions are guided to improve the quality and safety of the whole diagnosis and treatment process. The third is to weave a dense quality management network and improve the working mechanism. The health administrative departments are required to further improve the quality control system and working mechanism, strengthen the disclosure of quality and safety information, explore the establishment of a "quality first" performance management mechanism, and strengthen the goal orientation in the work, give full play to the baton role of assessment and evaluation, and supervise and guide medical institutions to implement relevant work requirements.

At the same time, the action set up five special actions, namely the operation of improving the quality and safety of surgery, the action of "breaking the wall", the action of improving the quality of medical records, the special action of patient safety, and the action of "weaving the net", and put forward specific requirements and goals in five aspects, including the quality and safety management of surgery, the establishment of a diagnosis and treatment model with "disease as the chain", the quality of medical record connotation, patient safety management, and the construction of quality control organization system, which are also the core tasks of this action.

3. Job requirements

All localities and medical institutions above the second level should fully understand the significance and necessity of action, further improve their political position, and make efforts in all aspects such as improving system requirements, improving quality control organizations, optimizing work mechanisms, and strengthening the application of results, and implement relevant work requirements in a highly responsible attitude for people's health. The responsible comrades of the health administrative department should personally grasp it, make annual arrangements for action work, refine policies and measures, clarify the division of responsibilities, consolidate responsibilities at all levels, summarize work every year, and promote the orderly development of work. The main person in charge of the medical institution should personally study and lead from the front, implement the detailed work, strengthen the management of basic medical safety, strengthen the daily monitoring, analysis and feedback of medical quality and safety, and promote the smooth development of the action. At the same time, we will explore advanced practices and experiences, select typical cases of the year, strengthen publicity and promotion in our work, summarize experience from the level of systems and mechanisms, and fix good practices and measures in the form of systems, so as to lay a more solid foundation for the high-quality development of the medical and health industry.